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Hello and welcome to the LOVE 3 Custom Level Documentation. While you will hopefully find everything you need here to make the level of your dreams, you can always come join the Discord and talk to others about what you need.

If you’re looking to upload or download custom levels, you can find them hosted at

Important Pages

The Basics

In your install folder is a folder called custom. If there are any custom levels in there with properly validated config.json files, you’ll see the LOVE Custom option on the main menu.

You’ll be using notepad or a text editor to make levels, as well as your image editor of choice. My personal favorites are Notepad++ for editing the JSON file, Adobe Photoshop for editing level geometry, and Aseprite for making animated sprites.

Currently, creation of custom levels requires you to edit a text file that has the list of objects and their locations in the level. While it’s not as friendly as something like a Super Mario Maker, I think the possibilities available to a level creator are pretty powerful.

If you are looking to create levels, I recommend enabling Editor Mode.

To make your own levels you’ll need to create sprites which you’ll define in the levelCustomSprites section. I’ll try and provide more detail on that later. Once you’ve created your own sprites, you’ll need to create objects that use those sprites in levelObjects. Check fredTest1’s configuration to get a little bit of an idea on how they work.

Here’s where you can find a list of just about every object in the game.

The main objects in the game are the following:
- p_solid is a solid object that the player can walk on
- p_death will kill the player
- p_bouncer will bounce the player, with the variables exthSpeed and extvSpeed (horizontal and vertical speed)

Important Note

• If you have an invalid JSON file in any of your folders, it will likely crash the game every time you go to the level select menu. You can validate your JSON file by going to