Object Variables


The script to read the list of objects from the config.json also allows you to pass along many variables for various objects. This is a list of every variable that the importer currently reads. //Game Maker Built-In Variables that can be passed to objects

//object specific, maybe used later, may not be used

  • cval1: Custom Value 1 (Not used yet)
  • cval2: Custom Value 2 (Not used yet)
  • cval3: Custom Value 3 (Not used yet)
  • cval4: Custom Value 3 (Not used yet)
  • dir: Used as a direction variable in some objects
  • extflag: Used by keys and switches to identify doors and objects
  • extvSpeed: Used by p_bouncer for adding to the player's vertical speed
  • exthSpeed: Used by p_bouncer for adding to the player's horizontal speed
  • distance: Used by various objects in different ways
  • spd: Used by various objects as a different speed variable
  • link: Used in obj_chainDeath_custom to say how many balls it has.
  • angle: Used in some objects to determine a direction or angle
  • slow: Used in p_slow to directly set the player's vertical speed (vspd)
  • rate: How frequently something fires
  • targ: Also used for how frequently something fires